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My passion is to create
meaningful design that evokes emotion and inspires change.



Hi, I'm Jess, a multidisciplinary designer + artist from California. I currently reside in the Bay Area as a freelance design and brand consultant as well as an art teacher at CalColor Academy.

 I received my BA in Communication Studies and completed The Segal Design Certificate from Northwestern University, where I developed my growing love for design innovation. Chasing that love, I started out my professional career in graphic design and illustration specializing in creating visual identities and digital content for a variety of brands across platforms. 

You can find me experimenting with mixed media, attending comedy and art shows with loved ones, and exploring the beauty of the outdoors. My simple pleasures in life include groovy R&B songs, brand new ink pens, and fresh coffee -- my biggest pleasure...inspiring someone's life through art.

PREVIOUSLY​:  Mabbly   ✧  The Second City  


Have a project in mind? Feel free to send me an inquiry and I'll get back to you as soon as I can:

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