Design philosophy & background

My passion is to create meaningful design that evokes emotion and inspires change.

I received my BA in Communication Studies and The Segal Design Certificate from Northwestern University, where I developed my growing love for design innovation. Chasing that love, I started out my professional career in visual design and illustration for a range of small start up companies and larger businesses, like The Second City


I'm currently a designer at Mabbly, a Chicago based premiere digital marketing agency, focusing on brand design and strategy.


Jess was a joy to work with and her creative skills would consistently impress me. There was no task or project that she would hesitate to jump in on. She was as strong as a team member as she was an independent artist and designer.  

- Bob Knuth, Creative Director at The Second City

Constantly evolving

I'm a firm believer of mental, emotional, and physical health.
To me, that means
constantly learning.


I love to push my creative and physical boundaries, even if it means going out of my comfort zone. Over the years, I've dipped my toes into acrylic painting, producing stand up shows, and even teaching painting classes.


Sometimes it feels like I have the drive of a shark with the energy of a squirrel. Outside my work life you can find me swimming my anxieties  away, feasting on culinary creations, and spending quality time with friends and family. 

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