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Crescendo House is a boutique distribution company that aims to expand the mainstream visibility of international film while reinvigorating the American film landscape with a new distribution model. With a careful curation of artwork, packaging, and limited edition special features, Crescendo House brings each film to life with a unique experience of both home videos and in theater showings.

I had the pleasure of working with the team at CrH to illustrate the Steel Book Cover for their first film release, Labyrinth of Cinema by Director Nobuhiko Ôbayashi. 


More details on the film here.



A play on the film's title, this concept parallels how increasingly engrossed viewers get into Japanese history and emotional connection to the characters. Inspired by the architectural shapes of the opening setting, I create a "labyrinth" frame filled with symbolic items and iconic scenes throughout the movie. The contrasting color schemes and illustration elements are largely influenced by the film's raw energy, rapid fire frame transitions between various timelines and settings. 

PRESS from the film.

Crescendo House's Twitter on live updates.

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Crescendo House Release for Labyrinth of Cinema
Tweet of Crescendo House's Labyrinth of Cinema release
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