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Gekks is a fashion e-commerce brand that sells no show socks that lock into your shoe.

Along with creating a new brand identity and strategy, I redesigned their website and headed their digital marketing campaigns including social media strategy, email marketing, and ad creative.



Gekk's old brand was very text heavy and consisted of only neon green branding elements. The imagery and content along with inconsistent brand elements, created a sense of distrust and confusion. 

Gekks' user needs are to eliminate: foot odor, sock slippage, heel blisters, and visible no show socks. The current eCommerce apparel companies, like Stance or Uniqlo, only sell no show socks as a sub product and do not address all of these issues. If we take a look at Bombas, one of Gekk's biggest competitors, not only do they not solve all the user needs but also their brand is heavily mission-based focusing on their one-for-one business model. In the sock industry where there is little technological innovation, Gekks has the biggest advantage.

Gekks are the only no show socks that stick inside your shoes.

Gekks are the only no show socks knit with antimicrobial yarn that kill odor causing bacteria.

Gekks UX Home
Gekks UX Home



Three of the biggest pain points Gekks users experience are:

1. Understanding product functionalities before purchase.

2. Understanding how to properly install Gekks at purchase.

3. Understanding how to care for Gekks after purchase.

I wanted to turn this into a lifestyle, consumer focused brand where our target demographic could not only trust the quality and comfort of the product, but also understand  the product. After pitching design concepts to the founders, I worked on creating a new brand identity that focused on elevating the current brand.


New branding style guidelines to fit the target demographic, drove conversion rates up 1.25% week over week.


To increase repeat customers, I directed, designed, and curated the Gekks blog aimed at fashion and tech related content.  To further engage with new and existing customers, I worked with social media influencers, created stories with FAQ's, hosted giveaways, incorporated outfit inspirations, designed email marketing campaigns.


In just a few months, the Gekks blog curated over 7k blog views with an average conversation rate of 2.84% per article.

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