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Pacas is an up and coming alpaca socks company, which I got the opportunity to work on the brand identity, web design, and social strategy that focused around their mission-based business model.


I wanted to highlight the sock qualities so the design elements were inspired by the coziness and warmth of  alpaca fleece. To emphasize the mission-based business model, the brand language words were joyful, friendly and genuine. With the company's mission statement and charitable aspect along with a focus on the product, I created the tagline Comfort Every Step of the Way.

Alpaca fleece is significantly more expensive than sheep wool. There are endless amounts of apparel companies that sell sock brands, and consumers are more likely to buy from well known brands that are also cheaper. The main problem we wanted to address was the lack of general understanding of alpaca fleece. In order to not just stay in a niche market, we needed to educate consumers about alpacas, the differences between alpaca fleece and sheep wool, and their benefits.

I worked with the head engineer to create an interactive game for users to "make their own alpaca socks" while being educated about alpaca fleece. I picked the most crucial and beneficial tips of alpaca fleece for consumers to learn, which focused on comfort, value, warmth, and charity. Users are able to see the wool coming off the alpaca, their wool change color, and even watch a small 2d motion graphic of their sock being knit! Each step was ab tested and designed for minimal effort on the user end, while still being able to interact and watch their socks come to life! 

I created social media and email marketing content that focused on  joyful, friendly, and genuine content. For Instagram and Facebook, the goal was the attract new customers and retain current customers with imagery of cozy alpaca fleece, funny alpaca photos, and Paca Facts using our new icons.

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