Sweet Jam 

Sweet Jam is a high end line of stylish pet collars and accessories with flirty details that's perfect for everyone's little lovable one. What started off as a retail and ecommerce US brand quickly became an overseas brand that focused primarily in Asia. In 2016, I worked on creating the brand identity (logo, color, typography, packaging) and got the chance to work on product design and development overseas in China, focusing on material sourcing and production management.

✧ The purple branding colors were inspired by the label name "JAM" and with the goal of creating a more gender neutral primary color. The brand words were elegant, flirty, and playful to reflect the brand's primary Fun, Flirty, and Fierce collections of bows and collars. I worked with their photographer on product and pet lifestyle photography. For social media marketing, when they first launched, I curated an online brand modeling campaign, targeting small and large pet owner influencers, which helped boost online sales over 200% in the first few weeks.